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At Shudhvi every step is made by hand while taking utmost care and passion without adding preservatives or applying heat to ensure the end product retains all the medicinal properties. 

Discover how to use our products effectively and some great skin, hair and personal well being tips here.

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  To keep your skin and hair healthy use Shudhvi Handmade Skin and Hair Care products which are 100% pure and Natural ,

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  You can get complete skin and hair care right at home by using Shudhvi Handmade Skin and Hair Care Products which are made completely with herbs and plant extracts.

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Due to exposure to pollution, sun, dust, stress, food habits, our skin tends to look aged and lose its luster pre-maturely.

   Using our products like Shudhvi Lepam - which is made totally of pure natural ingredients right from the base, without any artificial emulsifiers - helps in achieving a beautiful, healthier and younger looking skin. Made out of various special nutrients derived from plants, flowers and herbs, it acts from deep inside the skin by regenerating skin cells, firming and nourishing. You will wake up every morning to a more and more brighter complexion and firmer skin.

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