At Shudhvi we believe in the power of nature and each of our products has been developed after extensive research on Ayurvedic, Herbal and other Natural Ingredients. Each product is hand-made with high quality natural ingredients and rich moisturising oils, in small batches using cold process method to ensure effectiveness of the end product.
All our ingredients are freshly sourced exclusively from indigenous regions and made using traditional processes to retain their natural medicinal properties. We do not use artificial colour, fragrance, preservatives or additives like parabens etc., and are absolutely safe. Our products can be used by people of all ages and skin types..

Handmade Soaps

These pure and natural handmade soaps are made in a cold process method with a combination of pure natural oils and skin benefiting ingredients that improve your complexion with every wash and keeps your skin bright, supple, moisturised and radiant all day.

Beauty Products

Shudhvi beauty products are formulated with all natural base and exclusive herbal extracts to give your skin total care and nutrients needed to keep it healthy, radiant and free from any skin problems.

Hair-Care Products

Shudhvi hair care products are formulated with raw oil extracts from various medicinal plants to give complete solution to hair related problems, Regular use helps in drastically improving hair growth and texture.

Wellness Products

A very fast acting hand-made oil made of exclusive medicinal herbs that work effectively in curing most pains, aches, injuries, sprains, burns, infections, fractures and also diabetic wounds.