Ayurvedic Face Lift Gel Powder

...Look Young! Be Young! Naturally

A first of its kind 100% natural Face Lift Gel Powder, that makes your skin look 10 years younger in just a month - Made of a unique combination of naturally extracted plant gels, this makes the skin absolutely firm, tight, youthful, bright, glowing and healthy. It also removes fine lines, wrinkles and makes the skin more immune. You will see a tremendous face lift effect with each application and a drastic improvement in skin texture.

Also removes cellulite, Stretch Marks and Tightens Saggy Breasts. *

Can be used by all ages.


      Blend Of Natural Gels Extracted From Plants, Natural Herbs.

Colour : Cream Weight : 50gm

* avoid if you are pregnant or lactating
Only Use a wooden spoon to scoop the gel
Since it is 100% only natural plant extracts, it could have slight plant odour


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