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It is immensely satisfying to see the 100% results from our hair products which in itself is a proof of the medicinal properties inherent in nature and also the importance of the method used for making it. All our products are made of extracts from freshly sourced ingredients and raw oils which are then prepared in a way that all the curative goodness is retained, which actively starts working right from the first use. The other problems related to hair are also cured and dandruff is completely removed.

The hair thinning and balding problem has always been the biggest problem faced by majority. This is no more a problem as the hair starts growing back much thicker within two months with our breakthrough formula (Shudhvi Bountiful Hair) which at the same time helps in treating all other scalp problems. The hair texture, shine, radiance and softness is improved with every use. The hair thickness is not only drastically improved but maintained throughout. Further growth of grey hair is significantly reduced. The hair wash powder has been made with all the fresh home ground powders that trigger hair growth and is a perfect combination for the bountiful hair oil.

Our Products do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, fragrance, colors, alcohol, mineral oils or parabens.


Hair Wash Powder

...Nourishing Hair Wash

    Made exclusively from freshly sourced and home ground Shikakai along with herbs which are beneficial for hair health. It effectively triggers hair growth, curbs hair fall, prevents greying and split-ends, removes scalp infections and dandruff. Use regularly to keep your hair fresh, soft, shiny, thick, conditioned, smooth, glowing and healthy.

Ingredients :

   Herbs and Flower Extracts, Leaf powders, Natural cleansing and lathering ingredients.

Qty : 250gm

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Bountiful Hair

...For balding and thinning hair / normal hair

    A breakthrough hair renewal therapy oil that reverses the thinning hair and balding scalp and makes normal hair much thicker and stronger with other added benefits. A special hair therapy made of pure and natural special Ayurvedic extracts exclusively only to shudhvi. Completely treats dandruff, hair-fall, itchy scalp and other infections, prevents greying of hair and leaves the hair dark, soft and shiny. It can also be used for skin infections like psoriasis etc. and also as anti aging.

To be used twice a week.

Ingredients :

    Pure and Natural Ayurvedic extracts.

For Best results use in combination with shudhvi hair wash powder or other natural cleansing powder

Qty : 120ml 


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Black Henna

...Naturally Black Hair

   Made  of only 100% natural leaves that give instant black colour to your hair, that lasts upto more than 10 washes. It also keeps your hair nourished and conditioned all through and controls hair fall.

No more worries about allergies, side effects or hair fall.

Does not contain any other artificial ingredients such as magnesium carbonate or ammonia.

Ingredients :

      Pure Henna, Amla, Curry Leaves, Black Tea & Plant Extracts.

Qty : 100gm


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Shudhvi Splendour

...Hair Care Oil

A nutrition boost for your hair

Rich and luxurious hair care oil containing over 25 herbs, flowers and natural ingredients known for contributing to a lustrous, thick, shiny, soft and healthy hair, along with an improved complexion and skin tone right from the first use.

It effectively promotes hair growth, keeps the scalp fresh, free of dandruff, infections and reduces hair fall significantly.

No artificial colours, fragrance, parabens, preservatives or additives.

Ingredients :

       Extracts from Natural herbs, Flowers and Natural Oils.

Qty : 100ml


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