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No Artificial Color, perfume, Alcohol or Mineral oil

Pure Oils with Natural Herbal infusions

Nourishing Herbs and Pure Essential Oils keep the skin Soft, Glowing and Moisturized

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Made of 100% pure herbs and plant extracts

Natural Skin Care

Natural plant extracted oils and herbs contain phytochemicals and minerals that provide nourishment to the skin and protects the skin from environmental pollutants. In the long run the skin retains its elasticity, firmness and vibrancy.

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Made of pure herbs, plant extracts in a natural cold pressed oil base

Hair Care - Hand Made

Contains pure plant extracts essential to maintain scalp health and to protect hair from regular wear and tear. It helps to keep the hair shiny, lustrous and prevents drying. Regular use strengthens hair roots and triggers hair growth.

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ade of medicinal herbs and raw plant extracts


The anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties in plants are very effective in pain relief and tissue repair. They also help in relaxation and skin damage.


Skin Care

Hair Care


Shudhvi’s range of beauty products in personal care, skin care, hair care and wellness are hand-made with pure extracts from plants– exclusively formulated with effective combinations of natural herbs. Each product is rich with anti-oxidants and therapeutic benefits that work from roots and keep the skin and hair healthy in the long run. The pro-active enzymes naturally present improve the appearance and help to bring back the lost lustre, elasticity and the natural vibrancy.

We believe that the natural healing benefits of nature can be absorbed when there is no interference of harmful chemicals and preservatives. We ensure that the end product retains all the goodness and purity of nature in the end product by using only mild process. We also do the manufacturing for other brands where we create result oriented formulas. Complete process of formulation development, packaging and labelling are provided by us with sampling and customization to our client’s satisfaction.
...Come back to pure !


Shudhvi products have been conceptualized with the aim to provide essential nutrition and nourishment to skin and hair by imbibing natural botanicals known for their rich medicinal and replenishing properties.


Shudhvi products are hand-made using high quality natural oils and pure herbs known for their high healing content. Our natural formulation method ensures the end-product retains the therapeutic properties.

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No Chemical No artificial preservatives

Natural ingredients can give more benefits to skin and hair when not interfered with chemicals as they can strengthen and condition the skin from deep within to give a healthy glow and texture.

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Raw herbs and natural plant extracts along with natural essential oils can be the most effective and natural way to a healthy glow and skin texture. They are loaded with healing factors that can strengthen and condition the skin from deep within and repair the skin damage.

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