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Pure & Natural Hand-made Cold Processed Soaps

 Shudhvi hand-made soaps are made in a Cold process method using high quality oils infused with therapeutic natural herbs.

Our natural soaps contain nourishing properties, and the high fatty content keeps the skin soft, glowing and moisturized. They are fragranced with only pure essential oils that give its own added benefit.


Rosemary and Neem Anti-Pimple Cold Processed Soap

 Neem and Rosemary are known to have highest antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can fight acne-causing bacteria, remove dead skin, control acne and excess oil on the skin. They also effectively help to lighten the scars, blemishes and pigmentation

Vetiver is great for improving skin tone, conditioning and hydrating as well as soothe to the inflammation. The ideal combination of these herbs with pure oils help in improving the skin complexion and in keeping it healthy and flawless.

No artificial colours, perfumes, mineral oils or alcohol added.

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